Should You Invest In Google Adwords?

In my last post, one of the tings I pointed out, is that you shouldn’t follow the trend or what everyone is doing. We briefly explained that some industries perform better in specific forms of ads than others. For example, a local business could probably benefit from Social Media ads, but a larger institution that is targeting the US as a whole (and covers a larger market) may have better results.

What I want to do in this article, is briefly explain a couple of things:

  • The structure and use of Google Ads
  • Whether Google Adwords is still effective in 2016

First things first: What are Google Adwords?

Google Adwords (or simply Google Ads) are advertisements displayed on different parts of their platform, when you conduct a search for any term. For example if you are looking for a family doctor in San Diego, you will come up with what’s called the “organic listings” and on top of those or to the side, you will get some results that are paid for (the advertisements.) In other words, this is where Google makes all its money.

google-adwordsWho can use Google Adwords?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation promoting products worldwide, or a local barber shop targeting the local people. But as I very well stated in that previous post, it doesn’t perform well for everyone. Therefore, not everyone should be using them.

Before I jump deeper, I want to basically point out that most people actually click on the organic results when they search for terms. Research and statistical analysis shows that about 10% of the people searching, actually click on a Google Ad. And interestingly enough, people older in age tend to click on them. If you think about it, it makes sense as younger people don’t want to get bombarded with advertisements.

Having said this, you probably understand that if you want more people to find your business for free, you will be better off “ranking higher on Google” and appearing in the organic results. Google Ads are for everyone that can not achieve exactly that, or some businesses that appear on organic results well, but want to cover more Internet space.

My take on these types of advertisements is that if you have a business shipping products or services throughout a large area, you probably would want to get in touch with a Google Ads experts (or even the Google technicians) as it can get extremely complicated with the keywords and all. If you are focusing on a very local small market with not much competition around, then you probably want to look in at what’s called SEO (search engine optimization.) If your web guy is smart and hard working enough, he can glue your business to the top of the Google results. If he isn’t, then you are out of luck and you would probably want to consider paying Google to put you at the top (in the form of ads.) In that case keep in mind two things:

  1. Only 10% of the searchers click on those ads.
  2. It will cost you a lot more money using this method.

Getting down to the effectiveness: Google Ads have been around for a very solid amount of time, and Google as a company is growing bigger and bigger with more revenue than ever before. If you are at all familiar with Google on the stock market, just check out their price per share and that should give you a pretty solid idea. Having said this, I would like to note that Google Adwords are getting less and less effective for the business owners. Value is there for anyone to grasp, but it’s decreasing in quality more and more. Common sense tells us that people prefer clicking on regular results, than advertisements. Think of yourself: Would you like to go through a magazine with product advertisements only or would you rather buy one with interesting articles?

“If what you are saying is true, how come Google is becoming bigger and bigger?” The answer to that question is based on the fact that competition is building up (so it costs more now to place an ad, than it did two years ago) and not everyone knows what they’re doing, blowing up their bank accounts and savings. Please don’t be in the second category. If you don’t want Google to have you pinned down and you believe you can work on ranking higher on Google, then please do that! But if your only alternative to Google Ads, is not doing anything, then that probably isn’t good either.

In any case, you need to study your market, your competition and your business needs. Don’t just go out there hoping for the best. Hope is not a strategy. Consider grabbing a consultant that can assist you with these terms. If you happen to believe that I’m your consultant, then by all means message me.

Not everything has been covered obviously in this post, which is why I invite you to read “part 2” of this article which is to be published some time soon. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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