Should You Invest in Google Adwords? (Part 2)

In part one of this discussion on Google Adwords, we talked briefly about some basic concepts you need to know when it comes to this advertising platform. I talked about the type of businesses I believe can benefit the most, and the approach each should take to this marketing idea. If you need to freshen your memory, click here for part one.

In Part two on this discussion, I will jump a little bit deeper into this very interesting field. If you guys can catch up with what I’m saying, maybe I’ll even do a “part three” to get more technical.

As you may or may not know, there are actually two platforms on Google Adwords available for you to use:

  • The Keyword Google Adwords platform
  • Google Adwords Express

Let me explain what each is and the core differences.

In the regular Keyword Google Adwords, when you create your ad, you target an audience based on keywords you insert manually. So what you need to do prior to that, is keyword research to identify what people are searching for in your industry. For example if you have a limousine company, you may want to include keyword-phrases such as “limousine service in Columbia, SC” in the case that you live in South Carolina. Because many people use that search term, when looking to use a limo. So when they do that search, website results will come up such as and all of your other competitors. What you are looking to do ultimately, is outrank your competition by buying your way to the top. That’s the benefit of using Google Adwords. But this kind of platform can get very technical, as your keyword research needs to be comprehensive and detailed. If you use too many keywords, you will spend all your ads money on searching customers that don’t matter much, or are not high paying ones.

Google Adwords Express has been created and is offered for people and businesses that don’t want to mess with detailed research. So Google has been providing this platform for all you folks that aren’t technical. They provide you with some basic keyword results and they suggest those for you to use. Then you just select them in your ad, insert other details such as miles radius and you’re good to go. The downside? This platform will eat up a lot more of your ads dollars. In this platform, Google makes sure that your business appears not only on the Google search engine, but also on partner sites. What this means is, that many third party people theoretically will view your business. In theory it sounds great. But practically, it is very bad as you don’t get good conversions from those partner sites. Google is going to charge you based on the engagement and reach that was created. By using partner sites, they make sure you reach a larger group of people (that may or may not be 100% your target group) and you run out of money a lot faster.

My opinion is (having tried both as a business owner myself) if you have the technical background or you know someone that can help you with this, go for the regular Adwords Platform. Believe me when I say that you’ll save a lot more money. But if the phrase Google Adwords itself, drives you crazy or sounds Greek to you, then consider the Express platform.

Honestly, this is why I love Google. They know how to provide the appropriate kind of service, depending on the customer’s needs and knowledge. You have plenty of options to select from, and if you go with the first platform I mentioned, you are pretty much free to do anything you want with your advertisements. Express limits you a little bit more, because it has been simplified for the average non technical user out there.

As I always say: make sure you understand what is appropriate for you and your business. Don’t rush towards one direction just because everyone is talking about it. And make no mistake: if you do go in to the regular Google Adwords Platform and you don’t know what you’re doing, you will spend more money than what you would with Express. So don’t go after reading this post, directly to the technical one. Make an honest evaluation of yourself and business, and select what works best for you. Or hire a consultant to do this for you.

Hopefully I have given you here enough info, to go out there and crush it with your marketing campaigns on Google. I’m not sure if I will be doing a Google Adwords “part three” post, as I want to keep things as simple as possible for everyone to understand and learn. If you got any questions just let me know (after this post, I’ll probably get a billion e-mails.)

I thank you for reading through this informative article, and I wish the best to you and your business. Stay tuned!


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