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seo-2In another post I made talking about Google and the search engines, I focused on the use of Google adwords which practically means the use of advertisement to be displayed on the search results on Google. Because of the great feedback I got on all this (keep on sending those messages), I also decided to do a “part 2” article on Google Adwords.

So what I want to do with this post, is get into more economical ways of featuring your business (locally) at visible areas on Google. Before I get into that, understand that everything you see on Google search results, are valuable assets for the people that own those pieces of virtual property. When you search for some kind of service (a plumber for example) and Tom Smith the plumber comes up to the top of results, guess who is going to get all the traffic and business calls…big Tom. So it’s important for you to understand, that search results don’t randomly appear. For example, if you look for a plumber in Eugene a million times, you will still get pretty much the same business websites at the top of the results. Who will be showing at the top, is pretty much determined by Google. So I want you to imagine the rankings of websites, as a popularity contest. The more popular your site is, the more Google likes it and wants to show it higher up in the search results. So the more votes (backlinks) you get, the better off you are. All backlinks aren’t equal and some have greater value to offer than other. But for this basic introduction to SEO, I want you to imagine the process of ranking at the top of Google as a purely popularity process: the business that is more famous wins.

If you still are wondering: why go through that trouble the answer is actually very simple. In 2016 (soon to reach 2017) people are increasingly using digital devices in their daily lives. Whether that be a smart phone or a desktop computer, Google plays a vital part in everyone’s lives. So when someone is looking to find a service locally, probably one of the first few things they will do, is look online. Because Google plays such a significant role in daily searches, most people rush to that search engine for their results. So that means practically, that the businesses displayed at the top of the results for a search term will get most of the buyers. I don’t consider SEO to be advertisement, as it’s something more permanent and the people you attract are all people looking to buy (which is great!) However if you look at this from a different perspective you will understand that if you are at the top of Google “naturally” then you don’t have to pay Google for Google Adwords. In a way, you are getting advertised for free, when other businesses – depending on their size of business – can spend anywhere from a few thousand bucks a month to over $20,000. So it’s a real privilege to be on the top of Google, to appear at the top search results.

Some basic advice I would give you, is make sure your website is as great as possible. Locally, SEO is not very competitive and many times, in different industries, just a good website may do the trick. Make sure you have content that is full of keywords (naturally blended in) and that even your pictures are worded with keywords. It’s important to help Google understand what your site is all about. This is called “on page optimization” and it’s one small part that will contribute to ranking at the top. I I were to go through specific things you need to do to rank, I would have to spend countless months in webinar training to do so. This article is only scratching the surface for everyone that believes SEO is some kind of Chinese food. It is giving you some basic concepts to understand and later we can dive in much deeper.

The key thing you need to understand is that people spend lots and lots of money on Google advertisements to get people to their business. Ranking at the first spots on Google, will give you free marketing and all that money can be used for other purposes (a vacation.) So learning how to optimize your site properly and following specific methods to look “good” to Google, will rank you at the top in no time. If you have any questions regarding this basic introduction, please let me know. 

See you in other posts. Bye!

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