Most Effective Social Media Platforms

Last time we talked about social media, I basically went against a current trend that exists in which everyone believes that social media is some kind of business saver. It can be for the right people and business, but it can be a liability for many others.

In this post I want to focus on specific platforms that I believe are effective for your marketing campaigns. I am not going to tell you which platform I like better. What is going to happen is, I’ll outline specific characteristics and benefits of using each platform.

Because there are (seriously) numerous social media platforms (and new ones are being created everyday) I will only focus on the major ones: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Snapchat. 

First off I want to say that there is a lot of value in each and everyone one of these tools. However each, focuses on a more specific audience that depends on age, interests and professional personality.

Facebook is probably considered to be the most popular platform out there. You won’t have a Twitter user, that doesn’t have an account on Facebook. Everyone has friends there, interacting with them, or spending countless hours on the messenger. From this you can understand, that being on Facebook, or promoting on Facebook is important as you can reach everyone (literally.) You will meet your more serious – formal professionals (like the ones you get on LinkedIn) and your teenage Youtube video-watchers. And this could actually be the danger of this platform. It’s too wide, with everyone in it. If you aren’t smart about it, you can be engaging the wrong people which means you’ll get a smaller return on your investment. So if your business is in a field very specific that is covered by other platforms, make sure you keep on reading. 

Twitter is probably known more for personal interactions between people you don’t know as much. On Facebook you mostly interact with people you know. On twitter, you can interact with a celebrity and make a mention, or reply to a comment he made etc. So the bottom line for Twitter, is that it’s a more communicative and interactive platform. You have countless ways to reach people: from general tweets, to mentions, to private messages. Because of this though, you have a lot of spam content being pushed around. And you also have a lot of spam users following you or sending private messages. So Twitter is a more messy platform. Clean up that mess, and you should be good to go.

Instagram: The platform of the pictures. Probably the first platform to really give an emphasis on pictures (and now video.) All posts include pictures. So you can’t really make a post that just includes text. It’s a great platform for the clothing business, and anything visual. It’s full of colors, so if you’re company’s products are visual, make sure you consider Instagram. Ages on that platform vary, however it is said that younger people spend their time there.

LinkedIn is the ultimate professional platform. You can’t get more formal than LinkedIn. Just randomly browse through its user’s profile pictures, and everyone will be in a suite and tie. It can get kind of boring, because everyone looks the same. But LinkedIn is where all professionals (from corporate to small business) interact, share ideas and discuss “higher level” topics. Your glossy gossip news aren’t going to be vastly discussed on this platform. LinkedIn actually works greatly for local marketing. You can meet the executive of a company you’ve been struggling to get on the phone –  he is just a click away. Via LinkedIn you have the opportunity to make regular appointments and you get to learn your marketplace, in terms of the professionals in it.

Another picture based platform is Pinterest. You can make the “pins” for specific subject categories, that are basically posts with photos in them. If someone likes what you pinned, they can pin it too. It’s kind of fun, and the different target groups in it, really make it easy to focus on the audience that interests you. You will rarely go off track in your targeting via this platform. If you conduct a thorough and detailed market research, you should be able to identify the key influencers, engage with them and explode your campaign.

Snapchat is very new as a platform: It has become a “big hit” among younger people. However what I am noticing is, more and more older people are getting on that platform: people who have something to sell those younger ones. Snapchat is probably the less mature and formal of all. Which is why it engages that specific age group. If your business-company has products that are targeting younger audiences, you definitely want to get their and staring snapping. Snapchat is a whole new world worth experiencing.

That’s all I got for you today. I will have more later. Very basic info on the different platforms was provided for you folks. As I always say, make sure you are following a marketing model that fits your business. Contact me for any questions.

Good luck!

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