Content Marketing – The King!

I know in my latest post I discussed Google Adwords and promised a “part 2” article to dive in deeper into that. In the meantime, I wanted to talk about something that is perhaps even more important than Google Ads: content. The reason being that contents exists anywhere, in any form, and in any advertisement.

So simply put, this kind of marketing is using pieces of content (whether that be articles, videos, phrases etc) to promote specific products and services. So in other words, content is the language we use to communicate our message and product. When you look at a TV ad, all the wording and the speaker’s voice is considered to be content. When you spend countless hours on Youtube watching videos, that is considered content.

As you can understand, content is a big thing. If we consider content to be the language via which we speak, then if we don’t use content we can’t communicate. And that’s precisely the point! That is the reason it has been said that content and content marketing is “King.” You can not live without it. Even on the Adwords example, you need to use wording (in a smart and efficient way) to draw the reader to click on your link.

Nowadays, video content is being used more and more. It’s been considered more effective because of the interactive aspect it provides. But think of a world in which everyone is making videos to market their products and business: you still need to stand out, and make sure your business is heard above all your competitors. That’s where content marketing kicks in. It’s not just important to create content. I can sit down and write the story of my life and I won’t get any conversions. You need to know exactly the type of content your audience is looking for. And this depends on the niche you are in, and what you do as a business. But ultimately you need to identify what your “hungry” audience looks like and provide them with the “food.”

Besides creating smart content and engaging content, you also need to promote it. So under the nest of “content marketing” lays the action of promoting your content. Or by using simple terms: promoting your message across.

When you think of content, your mind should not automatically go to long pieces of text (and the boring things that follow it.) As I mentioned earlier, video is a very important and widely used form of content. It’s not a coincidence that Facebook and other social media platforms have introduced live video. People are lazy to read long articles. And maybe you are tired of reading this article here. Think of celebrity-type situations and the ways they use to be successful. It’s all video content! First name that comes in mind, is Tony Little. This fitness icon, has made a decent living promoting his fitness programs in the form of infomercials which basically is video. Many products he offers, are video training DVD’s.

So you can see that content covers a very large area. Your success in content marketing (and your campaign) relies on the way you use it and how “smart” you are about it.

Hopefully this article has given you a greater insight on the importance of content and content marketing. See you in upcoming posts. 

If you have any questions you would like to address, feel free to reach out to me.

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