SEO: Another type of advertisement…

seo-2In another post I made talking about Google and the search engines, I focused on the use of Google adwords which practically means the use of advertisement to be displayed on the search results on Google. Because of the great feedback I got on all this (keep on sending those messages), I also decided to do a “part 2” article on Google Adwords.

So what I want to do with this post, is get into more economical ways of featuring your business (locally) at visible areas on Google. Before I get into that, understand that everything you see on Google search results, are valuable assets for the people that own those pieces of virtual property. When you search for some kind of service (a plumber for example) and Tom Smith the plumber comes up to the top of results, guess who is going to get all the traffic and business calls…big Tom. So it’s important for you to understand, that search results don’t randomly appear. For example, if you look for a plumber in Eugene a million times, you will still get pretty much the same business websites at the top of the results. Who will be showing at the top, is pretty much determined by Google. So I want you to imagine the rankings of websites, as a popularity contest. The more popular your site is, the more Google likes it and wants to show it higher up in the search results. So the more votes (backlinks) you get, the better off you are. All backlinks aren’t equal and some have greater value to offer than other. But for this basic introduction to SEO, I want you to imagine the process of ranking at the top of Google as a purely popularity process: the business that is more famous wins.

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Should You Invest in Google Adwords? (Part 2)

In part one of this discussion on Google Adwords, we talked briefly about some basic concepts you need to know when it comes to this advertising platform. I talked about the type of businesses I believe can benefit the most, and the approach each should take to this marketing idea. If you need to freshen your memory, click here for part one.

In Part two on this discussion, I will jump a little bit deeper into this very interesting field. If you guys can catch up with what I’m saying, maybe I’ll even do a “part three” to get more technical.

As you may or may not know, there are actually two platforms on Google Adwords available for you to use:

  • The Keyword Google Adwords platform
  • Google Adwords Express

Let me explain what each is and the core differences.

In the regular Keyword Google Adwords, when you create your ad, you target an audience based on keywords you insert manually. So what you need to do prior to that, is keyword research to identify what people are searching for in your industry. For example if you have a limousine company, you may want to include keyword-phrases such as “limousine service in Columbia, SC” in the case that you live in South Carolina. Because many people use that search term, when looking to use a limo. So when they do that search, website results will come up such as and all of your other competitors. What you are looking to do ultimately, is outrank your competition by buying your way to the top. That’s the benefit of using Google Adwords. But this kind of platform can get very technical, as your keyword research needs to be comprehensive and detailed. If you use too many keywords, you will spend all your ads money on searching customers that don’t matter much, or are not high paying ones.

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Should You Invest In Google Adwords?

In my last post, one of the tings I pointed out, is that you shouldn’t follow the trend or what everyone is doing. We briefly explained that some industries perform better in specific forms of ads than others. For example, a local business could probably benefit from Social Media ads, but a larger institution that is targeting the US as a whole (and covers a larger market) may have better results.

What I want to do in this article, is briefly explain a couple of things:

  • The structure and use of Google Ads
  • Whether Google Adwords is still effective in 2016

First things first: What are Google Adwords?

Google Adwords (or simply Google Ads) are advertisements displayed on different parts of their platform, when you conduct a search for any term. For example if you are looking for a family doctor in San Diego, you will come up with what’s called the “organic listings” and on top of those or to the side, you will get some results that are paid for (the advertisements.) In other words, this is where Google makes all its money.

google-adwordsWho can use Google Adwords?

Anyone! It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation promoting products worldwide, or a local barber shop targeting the local people. But as I very well stated in that previous post, it doesn’t perform well for everyone. Therefore, not everyone should be using them.

Before I jump deeper, I want to basically point out that most people actually click on the organic results when they search for terms. Research and statistical analysis shows that about 10% of the people searching, actually click on a Google Ad. And interestingly enough, people older in age tend to click on them. If you think about it, it makes sense as younger people don’t want to get bombarded with advertisements.

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